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Package includes:

(12 pieces) Mixed (round and heart shaped) Tea Light Candles




100% Koltuk's Honey Pure & Natural Beeswax

100% Natural Cotton Wick for Non-Toxic Light or Pre-Waxed Cotton Core Wicks.

Each Candle is manually poured into our molds.

FUNCTIONAL SMOKELESS CANDLE WICKS -- With good craftsmanship, no black smoke and no odor, burns longer and burning stability when lit.


The scent and color of our candles could vary depending on the types of pollen and plants the honeybees access.

If you would like a specific color, please specify in the notes area, we will try to accommodate that.

One Dozen Of Mixed Tea Light Candles

  • These One Dozen Of Mixed Tea Light Candles are a perfect way to bring a cozy and romantic ambiance to your home. They are made of 100% beeswax, and come in a variety of shapes - both round and heart-shaped. They are all unscented, and have a long burning time of approximately 3-4 hours. The warmth of the candlelight is sure to make any room special, creating an atmosphere that is perfect for any occasion.

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