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For Bee Lovers, by Bee Lovers

     Welcome to Koltuk's Honey, LLC.! We are a family-owned and operated business passionate about bees and the delicious raw honey they produce.
We believe that natural is always best, which is why we only sell raw, unfiltered honey. Currently we offer Acacia Honey, Acacia & Linden Honey, Linden Honey, Linden & Clover Honey, Wildflowers Honey, Chunk Honey, Honeycombs, Creamed Honey, Lip Balm, Honey Lollipops and Pure Beeswax Candles and all are made with the same care and attention to detail. We want our customers to taste the difference in our honey. All of our products are natural and of the highest quality.

     At KOLTUK'S HONEY, everybody agrees that honey Bees are essential for pollination and the overall health of our ecosystem, and we are committed to sustainable and responsible beekeeping practices, and we do everything we can to protect them. We are saving the world, one bee at a time! Please browse our site to discover our products, and to learn more about our cause.

From beehives to honeycombs, we are enchanted by the world of honey bees. Starting out in 1994, first in Moldova and then in a small village in Ukraine, and then continued in the NY Tri-State Area in 2014. We slowly grew into what we are today: a thriving business, serving the entire community. We also provide a wealth of information on beekeeping and the importance of bees to our ecosystem.


   When I was a kid, I used to watch my grandfather take care of bees in his Apiary in Moldova. His love and care for bees, and the nutrients found in honey inspired me to follow his footsteps.


   One of my greatest fears, the worldwide extinction of bees, and is the main reason why I became a beekeeper which led  me to turn my care of bees into a family-business in 1994.


   What began with a few bee colonies soon turned into dozens of beehives producing a unique line of quality natural products produced in the NY, NJ and the Long Island area. 

   Everyone at KOLTUK'S HONEY shares an undying passion for the wonderful world of bees. We’ve been keeping our buzzing buddies busy, doing our part to make the world a better place to live in.



Shipped fast and packed very well

     "Received my order from today! I tried the creamed honey first and it is delicious! I like trying things from Gab advertisers, and it's really clever co-marketing to have a @malinanewyork discount included. Shipped fast and packed very well, give them a try and tell them Gab sent you."

Fosco M.

Customer's Feedback with photo from Fosco Marotto

Meet The Team


Nick Koltuk

Founder & Principal Beekeeper.

Team Member - Maya

Maya Koltuk

Tech Lead & Customer Support Lead

Team Member - Gina

Gina Mingazov

Marketing & Business Strategist

Team Member - Russ

Ruslan Mingazov


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