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Raw, Unfiltered Honey.


Package Includes:

One jar of Linden Honey 16oz 454g;

One Roses Pillar Candle 1.88"x2.88";

One Roses Heart Shaped Candle;

One Heart Shaped Tea Light Candle;


Our Linden Honey and Three Candles set is the perfect way to bring natural sweetness and light into your home. The set includes a jar of pure, raw, unfiltered linden honey 16oz, as well as three beeswax candles of natural colors. The honey is naturally sweet and fragrant, while the candles have a subtle honey scent that will fill your home with a cozy, comforting atmosphere. Enjoy the unique combination of honey and light, perfect for a special occasion or just to make your everyday moments a bit sweeter.

Linden Honey and Three Candles

  • Honey and Honeycomb is safe for most individuals over the age of two. However, people, who are allergic to bees or honey and people with diabetes should consult their healthcare provider before using it.

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