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Beautiful Hexagon Mini Jars.

100% Raw, Unfiltered Honey.


Honey Wedding Favors, Hexagon 1.5 oz. 42.5243g Glass Jars


This raw, unfiltered honey is the perfect addition to your wedding or any special occasion!

Our 1.5oz 42.5243g honey wedding favors come in elegant Hexagon Glass Jars and are sure to add a special touch to your big day. Each jar is filled with pure, high-quality honey, harvested from our own apiaries. Our honey is pure, unprocessed, and sure to make a lasting impression on your friends and family and remind them of your special day.


Honey Types:

Acacia Honey;

Acacia & Linden Honey;

Linden Honey;

Linden & Clover Honey;

Wildflowers Honey;


Gift Includes:

Honey Dipper (One for Each Jar) For Additional Price of $1 each.

Bee Charm (One for Each Jar) For Additional Price of 0.50c each.

Include both (Honey Dippers and Bee Charms, get discount)


  • Assembly required: Attaching charm and dipper to glass jars.

Wedding Favors - Honey

  • Honey and Honeycomb is safe for most individuals over the age of two. However, people, who are allergic to bees or honey and people with diabetes should consult their healthcare provider before using it.

  • Honey Wedding Favors, Hexagon 1.5 oz. Glass Jars

    Our 1.5 ounce Hexagon Glass Jar honey favors are perfect for wedding or any special occasion.

    If you need different size, please call (917)405-0603

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