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Local To Staten Island, New Jersey and Long Island. Raw, Unfiltered.

Creamed honey - Once you taste it, it will be your favorite honey.

It is 100 % raw and natural honey with no additives, just not in liquid state.

Keep Creamed  in the refrigerator (for more firm texture) or at room temperature (for honey to be soft and easy to spread). 



Gift packaging includes (Bag color may vary):

- Organza drawstring bag  (one for each jar)

Creamed Honey 32oz (907g)

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  • Honey and Honeycomb is safe for most individuals over the age of two. However, people, who are allergic to bees or honey and people with diabetes should consult their healthcare provider before using it.

  • Keep Creamed honey in the refrigerator (for more firm texture).

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