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Package Includes:

Floating Rose Candle 2.25"x1.125";


This Floating Candle is a unique and beautiful way to add ambiance to any setting. It is made with high quality wax and features a slow burning wick. The candle floats in water, and its soft flickering light creates an elegant and calming atmosphere. With its delicate design, this Floating Candle is perfect for weddings, events, and any special occasion. Enjoy a peaceful ambiance in any space with this stunning Floating Candle.

Floating Rose Candle

$6.00 Regular Price
$5.40Sale Price
  • The scent and color of our candles could vary depending on the types of pollen and plants the honeybees access.

    If you would like a specific color, please specify in the notes area, we will try to accommodate that.

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